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Readings by Janice Rae

Readings are a great tool that bring insight into your life. They are a very powerful way of seeing what things will affect your life, and to help you bring your wishes to fruition. They can help you to reach your potential and to balance you in the areas of home, love, relationships, friends, career, and money. Also, you will be told about coming dangers and possible remedies to your current problems. The past, present, and future are all covered with these phenomenal readings.

Contact Janice to schedule a reading. Readings currently only cost $30, which includes the use of many divination tools. These readings are conducted in Janice's home or at special shows throughout the State of Utah. Check the calendar of events for Janice's upcoming shows. 

Readings by Mail

If you would like a reading by mail, send your complete birthday, full name (as it appears on Birth Certificate), name you go by now (if different), a picture of you (optional), and your phone number (if you wish to be contacted regarding questions and more details. The picture will be returned along with an audio tape that has your reading on it. Make sure that you print clearly. The cost for these readings are ONLY $35. 


Janice offers several classes to help you live a more spiritual and fruitful life. For more information, please contact her.

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